Sharpies Are Not Sharp



Did these with a sharpie in an old sketchbook I found – they lose their point too quickly for my liking. I didn’t think about the image too much when I did them – it’s enjoyable to approach drawing with a mind half shut – almost meditative. It’s always too late in the day that I do them though.

Sketchbooky stuff from 1996 – I could explore some of these images again – only bigger…


I do need to move beyond the safe harbour of sketchbooks though.


On these amazing, hot, Aberdeen spring days I finally got the Artshed tidy and functional again. Now to use the place properly. The drawing board is so much easier for the tattoo design I’m working on. Got to keep the kids in check tho – as I, of course, never make things messy!



Bad Photo of the Last Page of a Sketchbook Whose Paper I Never Liked Anyway


It’s late and I shouldn’t be blogging at this hour but I haven’t done for a couple of days. I did more work on a tattoo design tonight – need to get it done soon as I’ve got another commission to do and I want to getting out of the way. Kind of forgotten about the AAS exhibition – should make an effort for it though. Blah blah art – is that all I ever think, talk about? There is music, of course, and the song that’s been rattling around my cranium since I first heard it a couple of months back…

“See that ancient river bed, this is where my follies led….”

I blether.

To bed.

Moment of Insignificance

Last night, while out on the pizza delivery trail, I had a bit of a moment. I drove over the brow of a hill to find a stunning sight – high above the urban romantic scene of speeding cars and twinkling streetlights, set in the deep cobalt firmament, we’re Jupiter and Venus – realising that they are planets and not the distant abstraction of stars gave me that total feeling of human insignificance. Not a new feeling to the earth dweller but one that its good to have now and again – that we are so small and seemingly futile yet, by the grace of circumstance, thankful that we are at all.

Nothing to Lose


I just remembered about the Aberdeen Artists Society annual exhibition. Entry date is one month from today. I entered last year but didn’t get in – the standard is quite high. I’ve decided it would be foolish not to enter this year. I’m not going to over think it – just do something and enter – nothing to lose. This is a first preliminary sketch for it – thinking mixed media, collage, sharpie, acrylic, sand, experiment. Hey ho – let’s go!