New Art School Blog

I have started up a new blog for the 4th Year Painting at Gray’s School Of Art. Our name is Gray’s 16 as luck would have it there are 16 of us to tie in with the calendar year. It is our final and biggest year with all our hard work going towards the Degree Show next year. The blog is a place for us to post our work and give people a flavour of what we are up to. We have a big fundraising push underway and we need a strong social media presence. It is early days with the blog and a few follows would be great.

Gray’s 16

Paint September




I’ve been doing a twitter project called #paintseptember – so I’ve been posting an image a day. Mostly daft wee sketchbook pages like these ones. I start art college at the end of the month so this is a good way to limber up and keep my hand in. It has certainly been productive in terms of y twitter use – I’ve seen some fabulous work and I’ve managed to gain about 50 followers in the past week or so. This is fine while I have the time but once uni starts it’ll be head down into the work. Hopefully I’ll still manage to do the odd blogpost though – maybe keep it to a weekly basis.

Back in the Groove








Had a day of just playing with collage and paint today at college. Made a nice change from the fiddly and tiresome finishing up projects I’ve been doing of late. Some of these A4 pieces are more successful than others – but they’re just glorified sketchbook work – probably not going to lead anywhere.

I think with the news being so grim just now it was nice to get my head down and get lost in work for a while.

Back Home

Not long back from a wee break in Aviemore that took in a fab friends wedding. Cute church, humanist ceremony, homemade style village hall party afterwards – it was great.

Aside from a wee biro doodle on card I did no art, which is fair enough. I did the above sketchy seascape with the paint left over in my palette last week. Now that the interview is behind me I’m looking forward to completing my college course with less pressure and actually enjoying the work. Ideas for the song series keep coming so I hope I have enough time to realise them.

Underlying Purpose

Seeing as I am applying for the painting course at art college I thought I’d better do some actual painting for the portfolio. I’m quite liking the thick paint (with the addition of talcum powder). Might look back at my big Monet book for inspiration.

It’s only a week left until my interview so the nerves will be kicking in soon. I mounted up most of the work at college over the past couple of days so there isn’t a lot more to do. I think the work is strong enough for a place but the tutors may have a different take on it.