Underlying Purpose

Seeing as I am applying for the painting course at art college I thought I’d better do some actual painting for the portfolio. I’m quite liking the thick paint (with the addition of talcum powder). Might look back at my big Monet book for inspiration.

It’s only a week left until my interview so the nerves will be kicking in soon. I mounted up most of the work at college over the past couple of days so there isn’t a lot more to do. I think the work is strong enough for a place but the tutors may have a different take on it.




A wee corner of one of my pieces for my final project for college. It’s a series of constructions based around songs. This is part of a Steve Earle inspired one. Some will be obvious illustrations and maybe some not so obvious. I’m trying to just be led by the objects I find as I go along and let them suggest a song rather than just do a song I like.

Hot Date


At long last I got an email today that confirmed I have an interview for art college in three weeks. Sounds like a while but it will fly past in no time. I should have enough work to put into the folio but I’m going to keep doing some extra painting. There isn’t enough pure painting and that is what I am hoping to specialise in after all.


Wow, I passed the 70 mark with the number of followers. I know that is but a handful by many standards but I think it’s not bad for someone who doesn’t put that much time into blogging. I do find it a useful exercise to put work out there to see what happens. The positive feedback I have received is both encouraging and nourishing. I only wish I could dedicate a bit more time to it and also to checking out other blogs – I do follow back where I see interesting stuff. Anyhoo, no art today, just a thank you to those that found interest enough to hit the follow button. Cheers (and happy St. Paddy’s day.

The Fat Sketchbook





My final project sketchbook has got a bit silly – I can”t even close it in any meaningful way – I have three pages left – wonder if I can get it to a 90 degree angle? I have really enjoyed doing it – it’s certainly a departure from the years of pen doodle books. It doesn’t really feel like a sketchbook though – it feels like a work in it’s own right, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I may end up separating the pages and putting them in some kind of box format. It might be interesting to discover such a thing in a neglected corner sometime in the future. Or maybe I could bury it , having performed some secular ritualistic incantation beforehand. Or perhaps it will just end up on the funeral pyre of my art life if I don’t make it into uni.



The Beauty of…..

…wet cling film.

Still only posting about once a week but its better than nothing. I’ve been busy getting stuff together for an interview at the art college I’ve applied to…although it hasn’t been confirmed that I’m getting an interview yet or when it is. I’m trying to keep my cranium full of phoney positivity. Sometimes you just have to.