Down By The Water

I did this piece with the intention of putting it in for the Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition. For one reason and another I didn’t put it in. There is a frame for it so it may end up on a wall for a change.


Fabulous Writing Etcetera


Charlotte Brontë’s tiny poem – 1829

– The Brontë sisters often wrote their works in a minuscule handwriting on whatever scraps of paper they could find. A magnifying glass is often required to read the texts. This early poem from a 13-year-old Charlotte was scrawled on a three-inch square paper. Scholars believe the miniature handwriting was a way for the sisters to hide their work from prying eyes and due to the expense of paper at that time. Others suggest it’s the scale that the sisters’ beloved toy soldiers would have written in, since the playthings were an integral part of their childhood fantasy world that inspired their earliest works. –

I pinched the above from the fabulous art propelled tumblr page. You can probably guess I take inspiration from some of the work posted there. Anyway, I love handwriting and use it in my work occasionally. The teeny script above is wonderful – makes me want to go and fetch some dip pens and ink and get scribbling.

I haven’t posted much of late but I have been busy. Still working on the song series of constructions for the exhibition in a couple of weeks. I seem to be having a little trouble finishing them – there about six that are just about done – just need that wee final push to get them to exhibit standard (or sale standard).

Much as it is nice to sit and blog, my time may be better spent in the art department. More to come though.

Back Home

Not long back from a wee break in Aviemore that took in a fab friends wedding. Cute church, humanist ceremony, homemade style village hall party afterwards – it was great.

Aside from a wee biro doodle on card I did no art, which is fair enough. I did the above sketchy seascape with the paint left over in my palette last week. Now that the interview is behind me I’m looking forward to completing my college course with less pressure and actually enjoying the work. Ideas for the song series keep coming so I hope I have enough time to realise them.


Yesterday I had my interview for art college. It went well, as far as could make out. A three week wait for news now.

Yesterday, Margaret Thatcher died. I had no respect or time for her when alive so that’s not going to change now she is dead.

Today, I need to go to bed.

The Joy of Spring

Ok, so it is still Baltic out there but at least the snow has gone. It has been great to get outside and do some pottering in the artshed and garden in the holidays. Molly has been happy painting and collaging away in the background so I can get on with things.

Plenty wood kicking about the garden to play with.

Candle and WD40 are a quick way to get the burnt look for a piece.

Trying something different with the layout of this one – liked painting some mud on too.

I discovered that the metal barbecue tray had rusted to destruction – nevermind – nice material for a construction.

As nice as it is to do this stuff I really should be finishing off bits and pieces for the portfolio. Monday draws ever closer. Tonight I think I’ll have a bash at filling the remaining few pages in my sketchbooks.