29 Faces #29 The Final Face

Yay – the last face! I couldn’t do this face thing without some comment on the vomit-inducing jubilee nonsense that the establishment is bombarding us with here. I make no apologies to royalists – I have no time for monarchy in any shape or form.

As suggested, I did this one with a medium I don’t usually use – in this case I did it on the iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app and a couple of free photo effect apps. I quite like the effects you can get but I am not all that taken with the process. Like I’ve said before I love art materials too much.


29 Faces #26 Painted Face

A face I forgot to post – the commission I did a couple of weeks back – it was still a work in progress at this stage. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the finished article.

Three faces to go. I haven’t managed to look at all of the other bloggers who are doing this but I did notice that quite a lot stopped after just a few. I also noticed that I am one of only two or three males doing it. What does that say? Anyhoo, onward and upward.

29 Faces #25 Another Bear

I like this a bit more than poor elfie. Only just though. Maybe I’m better with a biro. A tutor at art college back in the day said I’m only happy with a pencil in my hand – having looked at my drawings for the first time.

I just had a thought – this blogging malarkey is soooo self-indulgent – I’m bad for that as it is.

Anyway, I’m kind of looking forward to this faces thing being over. I’ve gone off the boil.

29 Faces #24 The Final Elf

I started this while Noddy was on this morning. It is crap. I hate it. I will not draw another elf. I said I wouldn’t edit so I haven’t. It is ok to be negative, it is ok to dislike something. I have no elves, fairies or goblins in me. I remember painting a fairy on a leather jacket years ago – it was shit too. Should have learned that lesson.

29 Faces #23 Breakdown Head

This is a bit bluuuuuurrrghhh. I know what I mean. Bit unplanned, wandering pen kind of nonsense. I did hope to do more than one today but there you go – I’ll have to double up on the remaining days though. I’m going to stop calling them heids – I do not talk like that. Might try another elf though with the template set by elf maestro Ziggyshortcrust.

Ok, I’m off to bed with my Picasso book.

29 Faces #20 Chess Piece etc

Inspired partly by the amazing Lewis chessmen this is another cheat that was kicking about in a sketchbook.

It’s looking like another day of mediterranean weather here in Aberdoom – I could get used this – the ice cream snacks, minimal clothing, garden-dwelling, sun cream slapping, sunglassed bliss of it all. Out the window I can see a tree with that fantastic brand new leaf green colour going on. This end of summer is so full of potential.

I gained my 29th follower earlier – I know that’s not a lot by some standards but it’s getting towards the number of friends I have on Facebook – people I actually know. I haven’t informed my Facebook world that my blog world exists. The fact that all of the people who appear to ‘like’ my stuff on here were previously unknown to me is interesting and encouraging. I don’t know whether to tell the FB world about it.