The Moons Are Incessant



Nothing Exists…

Ok, so I have been drawing a wee bit. This is just an experiment with a new collage app – a few recent sketchbook pages stitched together to see what happens. Nothing much I guess. I did try to loosen up a bit with the sketching but I just seem to always tighten up somewhere along the line.

Of course, this is an iPad app so I don’t know how it’ll look on a ‘normal’ computer.

Amongst it all is my fave quote of the day – ‘Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.’ Democritus.

There is a natural history prog on tv – Australia has no native cat species – I was not aware of that. Livin’ n learnin’.


I make no apologies to any English followers for being so stereotypically Scottish – thank feck Italy put England out of Euro 2012. England losing is a glorious sight to behold – a victory for football. And before anyone says Scotland didn’t even qualify – we know fine that we’re crap at football. Our national sport is heart disease.

In other news – amazing scenes in Egypt – but can’t help thinking that under the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ things might not be so democratic for the ladies.

I used to draw. Maybe I’ll do it again one day. Who knows.



The last page of my old sketchbook along with my new Lamy fountain pen – which I’m liking a lot. Also a new sketchbook that I got for fathers day (along with a fab Swatch, bicycle themed notebook and some coloured sharpies – thanks kids! (Mads)) – with an impulse buy at Hobbycraft – some blank artists trading cards – I don’t know much about them – other than they get swapped or sold on eBay – anyone else use them/know of them? Anyway it’s the great unknown of blank paper again. I’d like to come up with stuff that I haven’t before.

Sea Bird

Back to drawing after a few nights absence. It is an expanded version of a sketchbook doodle. This is a wee bit bigger than the usual CD size of late. I can see it bigger with more detail as a gig poster or something. I’m planning a new camera to improve the quality of the images – maybe a scanner if I can get one to do the wireless to iPad thing.

The blogging thing feels a bit empty after the May faces effort. Need to post more often though.

Sunday Silhouette

I liked doing this and that is what it’s about. One thing I liked about the faces project is that I stuck to the CD booklet cover size – its a nice manageable format. Although I’d like to see this on a wall. 10 foot tall.

I can see myself expanding on this theme.