Sketchbook Fun


Luskintyre beach in my mixed media sketchbook – I partly like it and partly hate it – it’s a direction I like but maybe I’d want it to be more abstract.


This is just a muck around with making tape, ink and bleach – still wet – ill draw something on top with oil pastels when it’s dry.

Maybe it’s a bit daft posting these when no tutors have seen them but they are mine when it comes down to it. I certainly like playing around with mixed media – I’m certainly no purist when it comes to materials – and this is positively encouraged at college.




Another fool around page from a college sketchbook – its good to head off with no destination in mind from time to time.

That’s Monday and Tuesday over with and back to college again tomorrow – only for two days though as school is off on Friday for the September weekend – why are there so many school holidays?!

I started this post thinking I may have something of value to say. I don’t.

Good bye.

Pump It Up

A page from one of the sketchbooks I’m working on at college. The end of week three and I’m getting into the swing of it. It’s great to use materials other than pens – been using oil pastels and playing with bleach, inks and paint – its good fun but I hope to produce some decent results too.

I haven’t had much time to look at other folks blogs so sorry if there have been no comments where there normally would be. I may keep the posting to once a week with an image I’ve come up with in the week. See how that goes.

College Kills Blog

20120906-065131.jpgPainting reference pic.

I did actually try to post an entry from the college IT suite the other day but it took so long to try and publish that I gave up.

Anyhoo, I’ve been so busy with college, home and work that I haven’t had time to post anything on here. I don’t think I will have much time for it either – I’m not going to close the blog though as it is still nice to have the option to post. There may be occasional visual things to share. I know that successful blogging is all about doing it often but that just won’t be possible (unless, like today, I am up at 6 am with my boy).

I see there is a 29 Faces in September project underway like the one in May I took part in. I’d love to do it but there just ain’t the time now.

Ok, I can hear my daughter coming down the stairs so it is time to get on with the day. Till next time.