More Sea, Storm and Nonsense.

Some more mixed media sketches.




I am utterly full of the cold and have no desire to create in me tonight. College again tomorrow so hopefully this will have eased by then. It’s the last week before the school October break. I’m missing the last week of college so I’ll need to make sure I’m up to speed with all subjects.

Pump It Up

A page from one of the sketchbooks I’m working on at college. The end of week three and I’m getting into the swing of it. It’s great to use materials other than pens – been using oil pastels and playing with bleach, inks and paint – its good fun but I hope to produce some decent results too.

I haven’t had much time to look at other folks blogs so sorry if there have been no comments where there normally would be. I may keep the posting to once a week with an image I’ve come up with in the week. See how that goes.

Yet Another Dead Sketchbook

A crude collage of bits of the last sketchbook from the second half of July. This is the beginning of another month but there few coppers in the kitty for a new sketchbook (that and the fact that I rarely venture into the city centre) – I may have to get creative for my next one. Loose pages – punched, filed, strung, glued, stapled, folded, torn, scrapped in a book handmade. Any ideas considered.

I may have touched on it before but I’m still struggling to nail down the point of sketchbooks – other than I find them addictive. Ok – August 1st resolution – get all of my sketchbooks in one place. I’ve said it before now I must do it. I also must blog more – this seems to be the first one for a week and a half.

Sunday Silhouette

I liked doing this and that is what it’s about. One thing I liked about the faces project is that I stuck to the CD booklet cover size – its a nice manageable format. Although I’d like to see this on a wall. 10 foot tall.

I can see myself expanding on this theme.