Work For Sale/Exhibition

Our college class has it’s end of year exhibition starting on Thursday night. It’s at Rosie’s Cafe in Rosemount here in Aberdeen. It’s a charity based venture so 20% of the profits go to them which is great. Most folk have one or two works for sale but I managed to get six together – although I had planned ten. My works are priced at £50 each, which is at the lower end of the scale. I would just be delighted if I sold one of them. I’ve sold a lot of stuff to people I know but it would be a breakthrough for me if a stranger saw a work of mine, liked it, and paid to have it on their wall. Given the current financial climate I’m not too hopeful but you never know.


Wedding Photos

20130514-074906.jpg</aThe above is a wishing well that my girlfriend and I made for our friends wedding last Saturday. It's purpose was for the guests to put their gift envelopes into. It's clearly not my usual kind of thing but I think it fulfilled the brief.

20130514-075436.jpgMore my kind of thing was this piece of ‘ruin porn’ in the form of a great big rusted metal door at the back of the wedding church car park.

It’s a bit strange at this end of the college year. Most of my projects are done and I have the safe knowledge of my place at art college in September. So today I am going to make a box to contain the sketchbook that is a bit out of control and cannot be closed. I will have to dismantle the book to make it loose leaf to fit in the box. I will of course be making the box from found wood and materials. More to come.

The Joy of Spring

Ok, so it is still Baltic out there but at least the snow has gone. It has been great to get outside and do some pottering in the artshed and garden in the holidays. Molly has been happy painting and collaging away in the background so I can get on with things.

Plenty wood kicking about the garden to play with.

Candle and WD40 are a quick way to get the burnt look for a piece.

Trying something different with the layout of this one – liked painting some mud on too.

I discovered that the metal barbecue tray had rusted to destruction – nevermind – nice material for a construction.

As nice as it is to do this stuff I really should be finishing off bits and pieces for the portfolio. Monday draws ever closer. Tonight I think I’ll have a bash at filling the remaining few pages in my sketchbooks.



A wee corner of one of my pieces for my final project for college. It’s a series of constructions based around songs. This is part of a Steve Earle inspired one. Some will be obvious illustrations and maybe some not so obvious. I’m trying to just be led by the objects I find as I go along and let them suggest a song rather than just do a song I like.