Latest Pages and a a Few Lines





Some more recent images from the paintseptember Twitter project. Of course, I’d be making these anyway. I gave them various titles but I’ll spare you them. I employed my usual materials – ink, filler, acrylic. The last one, however, is Crayola flip-top markers borrowed from the kids – a nice effect when mixed with water. Could have potential as a landscape sketch tool.

As much as I am enjoying these easy days of housework, school runs and occasional creating I am looking forward to art college. Two weeks today I start in earnest. Excitement, nerves and all the usual are running through me. It’s not like I’m a kid fresh from school any more but there is that anticipation of a new challenge.

As I’m writing this I’ve got a documentary about John Bellany. I just burst out laughing – when he was my age he had a major retrospective exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Ever felt like a underachieve?!


Final Sketchbook Pages





These are some of the pages from my final college sketchbook. I scanned them instead of the usual photo method which I think is better and may be the way to go. I really enjoyed doing them, working paint, glue, ink and bleach in with my fingers. I’m really proud of them and I think they are some of my favourite things I’ve done. I enjoyed the college year and was kind of sad that it had to end. However, come September, I’ve got the bigger challenge of art school – exciting and daunting in equal measure.

I just realised that this is my first blog post in June. I have to remedy that. I’ll need to get into the creative groove again though – I’ve been a bit slack since college effectively ended a couple of weeks back. The artshed has fallen into chaos again so that needs seeing to and I need to sort out the college paraphernalia before starting any new work.


The Fat Sketchbook





My final project sketchbook has got a bit silly – I can”t even close it in any meaningful way – I have three pages left – wonder if I can get it to a 90 degree angle? I have really enjoyed doing it – it’s certainly a departure from the years of pen doodle books. It doesn’t really feel like a sketchbook though – it feels like a work in it’s own right, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I may end up separating the pages and putting them in some kind of box format. It might be interesting to discover such a thing in a neglected corner sometime in the future. Or maybe I could bury it , having performed some secular ritualistic incantation beforehand. Or perhaps it will just end up on the funeral pyre of my art life if I don’t make it into uni.



1 Year Old Blog And ‘Envelope Pull Thingy’



I can’t believe I started this blog malarky a year ago. With my record for getting bored with things I’m quite proud that I have kept doing it -even if it is with varying degrees of consistency.

The photos are from my latest sketchbook – I’m keeping things minimal with images in the middle of each page and all the text gubbins in a fold-away envelope at the front. It makes you consider each image a bit more than when the eyes flit around a very busy filled out page.

It’s well after midnight so time for those ever needy arms of orpheus.

Thanks to all those who have followed the blog, posted comments or even just grabbed a fleeting glance in the infinite miasma of internet postal overload. Here’s to another year. 😉

New Sketchbook

I’ve had the pleasure of starting a couple of new sketchbooks for college projects. With one of them I’m planning go down a more minimal route and place the images, like the one above, in the centre of each page with space around to let it breathe a bit. Working on an envelope pull thingy for the related sketches for the inside cover. I may possibly be the only ape interested in this indulgent guff. 😉

More Sea, Storm and Nonsense.

Some more mixed media sketches.




I am utterly full of the cold and have no desire to create in me tonight. College again tomorrow so hopefully this will have eased by then. It’s the last week before the school October break. I’m missing the last week of college so I’ll need to make sure I’m up to speed with all subjects.

Sketchbook Fun


Luskintyre beach in my mixed media sketchbook – I partly like it and partly hate it – it’s a direction I like but maybe I’d want it to be more abstract.


This is just a muck around with making tape, ink and bleach – still wet – ill draw something on top with oil pastels when it’s dry.

Maybe it’s a bit daft posting these when no tutors have seen them but they are mine when it comes down to it. I certainly like playing around with mixed media – I’m certainly no purist when it comes to materials – and this is positively encouraged at college.