The Fat Sketchbook





My final project sketchbook has got a bit silly – I can”t even close it in any meaningful way – I have three pages left – wonder if I can get it to a 90 degree angle? I have really enjoyed doing it – it’s certainly a departure from the years of pen doodle books. It doesn’t really feel like a sketchbook though – it feels like a work in it’s own right, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I may end up separating the pages and putting them in some kind of box format. It might be interesting to discover such a thing in a neglected corner sometime in the future. Or maybe I could bury it , having performed some secular ritualistic incantation beforehand. Or perhaps it will just end up on the funeral pyre of my art life if I don’t make it into uni.




New Sketchbook

I’ve had the pleasure of starting a couple of new sketchbooks for college projects. With one of them I’m planning go down a more minimal route and place the images, like the one above, in the centre of each page with space around to let it breathe a bit. Working on an envelope pull thingy for the related sketches for the inside cover. I may possibly be the only ape interested in this indulgent guff. 😉

New Projects

Something I’ve put together for a mood board for a new project at college – 3D form. I like the start of projects and I’ve got a few to get stuck into this week. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got some kind of style or approach to things now – being able to bend the brief around to what I want to do with it.

Speed Drawing



I did this very quick doodle of Radiohead for a Twitter project the other night. It doesn’t look much like them and it wont win any prizes but each one took a matter of seconds and I really enjoyed doing it. As it turned out we did some speed drawing as a warm up in life drawing on Friday. Three minutes for each one and it was great fun- no time to over think the drawing, trying to catch the essence of the pose with rudimentary charcoal lines. The first one was just getting a feeling for doing it – by the third I was getting into the swing of it. Anyway, it was really enjoyable and I think it the class with a tangible learning curve.