New Paint


Well into the second block of college and I finally buy a set of paints. Gouache paint for a change – I like the thick or thin aspect of it.

I went to the art college I have applied to yesterday. Whilst I wasn’t daunted by the standard of work I did get a sense of it being very difficult to get accepted. I’m not all that positive about my chances. Seeing as it is painting I have applied for I think I need to do some more painting and not just fooling around with mixed media like I have been doing.


WInter’s Rot

Hands are masked turning over the leaf, page, cover.
Pilfering your own possession.
Nothing’s left, it all makes sense.
To use up the broken, torn, cut discard and shape it again for a new eye.
The solution sleeps in the bags, boxes, vessels where forgotten purpose escaped.
Give something to cut, reshape, realign and not waste.
Hold, think little, and do.

My Love For Construction Grows

I am really getting into construction – or assemblage, collage, bricolage, montage etcetera. Nails, stones, bone, wood, wire, wool, thread – I just like materials and seeing what I can do with them. The stuff I’ve done so far is fairly simple and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I can do with it. The problem is that there are so many directions it can go. I was sketching earlier and was reminded of some covers I used to make for compilation cassettes (remember those?) about 16 years ago. I used to get old copies of National Geographic magazine from the Oxfam shop and cut up the interesting textures and paste them in a formal way with black ink borders around them. I may need to revisit and update this method for my current work.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the high number of likes for my Mousetrap Man in the last post. Thank you – it’s made me realise that I shouldn’t neglect the blog.

Finally, I submitted my digital folio for art college today. Hopefully the images will engage the selectors enough to grant me an interview – It’s going to be a bit tense and nervy until I hear back about it.

Mousetrap Man


Found the wee green man from the ‘Mousetrap’ game on the beach yesterday – so I build this wee construction around him – loosely connected to The Shallow End – a track by Grant Lee Buffalo. I am enjoying construction, assemblage, Bricolage – call it what you will – I’m hoping to bring it into my college work more.

1 Year Old Blog And ‘Envelope Pull Thingy’



I can’t believe I started this blog malarky a year ago. With my record for getting bored with things I’m quite proud that I have kept doing it -even if it is with varying degrees of consistency.

The photos are from my latest sketchbook – I’m keeping things minimal with images in the middle of each page and all the text gubbins in a fold-away envelope at the front. It makes you consider each image a bit more than when the eyes flit around a very busy filled out page.

It’s well after midnight so time for those ever needy arms of orpheus.

Thanks to all those who have followed the blog, posted comments or even just grabbed a fleeting glance in the infinite miasma of internet postal overload. Here’s to another year. 😉

New Sketchbook

I’ve had the pleasure of starting a couple of new sketchbooks for college projects. With one of them I’m planning go down a more minimal route and place the images, like the one above, in the centre of each page with space around to let it breathe a bit. Working on an envelope pull thingy for the related sketches for the inside cover. I may possibly be the only ape interested in this indulgent guff. 😉