29 Faces #12 Bird & 3 Stringed Instrument

I know I have some catching up to do but I sold my commission today so I might get some more faces done. This is the first one I haven’t put through a filter. Due to tedious reasons I had to take the pic with the rubbish iPad camera. It is also done in biro, for a change. As can be seen it is unfinished – I may or may not finish it. The full stupid title should be ‘He Watches the Bird Fall for an Unplayable 3 Stringed Instrument’

29 Faces #10 Morning Bear

This was done before 8 o’clock this morning – definitely a doodley, zentangle feel about it. I might not like the skull meme but I don’t mind the bear drawing disease that’s doing the rounds. I did this in the cheap photocopy paper again and there is a lot of bleeding – I used sharpie pens too and they are not prone to bleeding. Back to the card for the next one.

All I seem to post are these faces – have a quote…

“You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life.” ~ Salvador Dali


And here is a good pencil fetish website.

Got on a bit better with the commission painting last night. Tonight is my last night off work until next Monday so I’ll have to get it nailed.

29 Faces in May #1

29 Faces in May

I’m a wee bit late to this but I’m going to try the 29 faces in may challenge – more info here…

I’ve set myself some rules for the project.

Do them the same size – I’m using the booklet from CDs as a template.

Do not stick to any particular style. Whatever comes out comes out.

Do not edit.

Do use cheap photocopy paper. (supermarket £2.38!)

Stick to black and white.

Use filter apps to enhance if necessary.

All rules are there to be broken.

The first one is a bit of a zentangle see how it goes kind of nonsense thing. I’m looking forward to it and I’ve got a bit of catching up to do – I’m a few days behind as it is. I’m enjoying seeing other peoples works too.

Sharpies Are Not Sharp



Did these with a sharpie in an old sketchbook I found – they lose their point too quickly for my liking. I didn’t think about the image too much when I did them – it’s enjoyable to approach drawing with a mind half shut – almost meditative. It’s always too late in the day that I do them though.

Sketchbooky stuff from 1996 – I could explore some of these images again – only bigger…


I do need to move beyond the safe harbour of sketchbooks though.

Bad Photo of the Last Page of a Sketchbook Whose Paper I Never Liked Anyway


It’s late and I shouldn’t be blogging at this hour but I haven’t done for a couple of days. I did more work on a tattoo design tonight – need to get it done soon as I’ve got another commission to do and I want to getting out of the way. Kind of forgotten about the AAS exhibition – should make an effort for it though. Blah blah art – is that all I ever think, talk about? There is music, of course, and the song that’s been rattling around my cranium since I first heard it a couple of months back…

“See that ancient river bed, this is where my follies led….”

I blether.

To bed.