Speed Drawing



I did this very quick doodle of Radiohead for a Twitter project the other night. It doesn’t look much like them and it wont win any prizes but each one took a matter of seconds and I really enjoyed doing it. As it turned out we did some speed drawing as a warm up in life drawing on Friday. Three minutes for each one and it was great fun- no time to over think the drawing, trying to catch the essence of the pose with rudimentary charcoal lines. The first one was just getting a feeling for doing it – by the third I was getting into the swing of it. Anyway, it was really enjoyable and I think it the class with a tangible learning curve.


I did this silly drawing today for a #mergimals twitter project – whereby you merge two animals in a drawing – an age old visual device but a fun one nonetheless. My original idea was pine marten octopus but I was rushed for time so used one of my old dog with tattoos and stuck on a seahorse ending – not my finest hour but like I say, harmless fun.

It’s been a busy week this week – my wee girl started school and my son started full time nursery. I am no longer a stay-at-home dad – which I find very sad but also liberating. I enrolled at college yesterday which was a bit of a marathon – sitting at a computer doing elementary numeracy and literacy ‘core skills’ exercises is not my idea of a good time – my head was mince by the end of it. Anyhoo, I start next Wednesday – first class is sculpture – ‘take a roll of wallpaper and a graphite stick’. Bring it on.

So I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging anymore – I won’t bore with details of college work and as I’m aiming for a strong portfolio I’m not going to be doing much personal work. Who knows though, I cannot say what I’ll do with the blog. I’ll need to change the about page for a start. Maybe I’ll find it therapeutic to come on here and empty my cranium form time to time.

Island Supplies

We are off on holiday tomorrow – the annual summer pilgrimage to the fabulous island of Lewis off Scotland’s wild west coast. This is what I am taking for creative purposes, although I may be a bit ambitious with the quantity. Looking forward to the amazing beaches, fab fun with the family and in the middle of it all the great Hebridean Celtic Festival. I may post while I’m up there, I may not – I may not even make a single mark on paper. I’m prepared for it though.

29 Faces #20 Chess Piece etc

Inspired partly by the amazing Lewis chessmen this is another cheat that was kicking about in a sketchbook.

It’s looking like another day of mediterranean weather here in Aberdoom – I could get used this – the ice cream snacks, minimal clothing, garden-dwelling, sun cream slapping, sunglassed bliss of it all. Out the window I can see a tree with that fantastic brand new leaf green colour going on. This end of summer is so full of potential.

I gained my 29th follower earlier – I know that’s not a lot by some standards but it’s getting towards the number of friends I have on Facebook – people I actually know. I haven’t informed my Facebook world that my blog world exists. The fact that all of the people who appear to ‘like’ my stuff on here were previously unknown to me is interesting and encouraging. I don’t know whether to tell the FB world about it.