Moment of Insignificance

Last night, while out on the pizza delivery trail, I had a bit of a moment. I drove over the brow of a hill to find a stunning sight – high above the urban romantic scene of speeding cars and twinkling streetlights, set in the deep cobalt firmament, we’re Jupiter and Venus – realising that they are planets and not the distant abstraction of stars gave me that total feeling of human insignificance. Not a new feeling to the earth dweller but one that its good to have now and again – that we are so small and seemingly futile yet, by the grace of circumstance, thankful that we are at all.


2 thoughts on “Moment of Insignificance

  1. Believe it or not, what I liked the most (all of it was great) was not the description of that insignificance, but rather how you stumbled over it. It’s one of those times where you don’t simply write things; they just happen on their own.

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