Old, and I mean old, Drawing

Found this photocopy of an old drawing from back in the day. About 1989. I don’t think any of my Rotring Rapidograph pens would even work now. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to do that kind of thing any more.


6 thoughts on “Old, and I mean old, Drawing

  1. I love this drawing and your acrylic work as well.

    I wanted to comment on your “Moment Of Insignificance” post.

    I like the idea of your cresting a hill into view of a twinkling, urban setting. The coupling of the planets over the lights is a nice image. You make me want to get into my car and head for the city night.

  2. Thanks for the compliments. As another blogger mentioned to me it was just one of those special moments that had to be written about. On another night I may not have been inspired by it.

  3. Thank you – I actually found a couple of rapidograph pens the other day – might need to source some ink to see if they’ll still work. You can get the fibre tip version in Tesco now. The originals are about £20 each now – yikes! Ok, enough pengeekery.

  4. This is an amazing piece of work. I definitely feel that I lack patience – got to work on that! Thanks for passing by and following my blog – I didn’t expect to meet inspiring artists…am thinking seriously about picking up pen and paper again (to start with). I took a look through my archives of things I had scanned from years ago, just to remind myself of the possibilities! I love your Sharpie drawings as well…and the idea of an art shed… filing that at the back of my mind in the “stuff of dreams” folder 🙂

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