Failure, Rejection.

My painting didn’t get into the AAS exhibition. I fully expected this of course but it’s still crap getting the rejection letter. I was in a fairly obtuse mood when I painted it and called it kick against the slick – a churlish jibe at the kind of work that does get accepted. I will of course go to the exhibition next month and scoff at some of the work that has got in. Oh well, there is always next year…


Pictures in the Mind

Although I’ve been doing the sketchbook thing I’m still planning too much work in my head and not bringing it into reality. I’ve got a couple of commissions on the back burner which I really need to get sorted – a tattoo design for someone which I’ve had on the go since the start of the year and a portrait for a friends son. These need to be sorted ASAP before working on any personal stuff. These people are waiting for their pieces after all.


And tonight I don’t think I should draw again. Did something bigger (A4) and ok last night but tonight I feel as kak-handed at drawing as I ever have. I’m not going to dwell on this and go to bed. It’ll be easier in the morning – as someone once sang.

Instagram and Muggles

Now that every muggle is using Instagram it creates ‘samey’ness – a uniformity of ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ looks- no?

Post interrupted to help two year old build train set…

Ok, where was I? Maybe I’m over-thinking this but it seems like Instagram is one of those things, much like private car number plates, that are designed to give the user the illusion of individuality – that it is something unique in all the world – whereas it actually makes everyone the same. Of course, the same could be said about my drawing efforts so perhaps I am hoist by my own petard. I guess we are all struggling to stamp some individuality into a short and futile existence amidst the seething infestation of humanity.

Ok, as you were, carry on instagramming…

Exhibition Hand In Day

I finally handed in this piece for the annual AAS exhibition. It’s a bad pic but it was made using acrylics, lasagne, cardboard, magazines, nails, pencil, coloured pencil, sharpie, biro and varnish. I fully don’t expect it to get to get picked but you’ve got to try. Oh and it’s called ‘Kick Against The Slick’. I was going to name it after the Ikea chair seat it’s painted on but ‘Stefan’ didn’t do it for me. It might also have been called ‘This Is Not A Pretty Picture of Trees’ or various other things. I’m not big on titles but ‘untitled’ is just a cop out.

When is a picture finished?

This is the picture I’m thinking of entering into the Aberdeen artists society exhibition. I just don’t know if it’s finished, or any good, or not worth the £10 entry fee – when it will likely be rejected, as last years was. No, I’m not feeling confident, but hey, onward and upward. I think I’ll add a coat of varnish to bring it together a bit. And no, I don’t know what it’s about – it’s an image and I enjoy making images. Doesn’t have a title yet. Have to think of one- there is nothing so dull as ‘untitled’.


To do list, or not to do list. There is no list.

I wrote a to do list this morning. Nothing grand – just mundane housework stuff. Thing is, it worked. There is a debate as to whether they are useful or not. I think they are. Writing it early it sorts the mind and the day out and gives a wee bit of structure. I also enjoy the physical act of writing. So, for what it’s worth I think they are a good thing. I achieved more than I would have without one. I’m an avoider and a procrastinator so I am going to continue with the lists.