On these amazing, hot, Aberdeen spring days I finally got the Artshed tidy and functional again. Now to use the place properly. The drawing board is so much easier for the tattoo design I’m working on. Got to keep the kids in check tho – as I, of course, never make things messy!




The Changes Never Made

The term resolution has usually left the vocabulary by this time of year. Despite this I thought I’d
post the list I did at the turn of the year – as a reminder and to see if I have managed to achieve any of them or at least made moves towards doing them. Still not made that banana tree yet, but have completed a couple of pictures.

There is, with hindsight, a few things I’d like to add – like be more tolerant, less judgemental…etc – but surely I should be doing these things anyway? Blog more often might be a good one. And definitely need to add ‘get on to a real computer’ to the list. iPad is fantastic but I can’t customise the WordPress settings on it – like getting a gravatar on the go etc.