An acrylic and polllyfilla sketch of Sheilabost beach in Harris. Been enjoying doing seascapes/landscapes recently. Always found ones I had done previously erring on the side of twee. I like the controlled mess thing – the more of them I do the more abstract potential I see. This one is only A4 – I’d like it to be the size of a transit van.

Paint Play

I did this last year at a painting night class. It is acrylic on paper – and I think I used an old credit card as a palette knife. I found it in the artshed this afternoon and it reminded me that there is more to image making than wee drawings. I’d like to explore this kind of thing further. For once I didn’t filter this through an app.

29 Faces #26 Painted Face

A face I forgot to post – the commission I did a couple of weeks back – it was still a work in progress at this stage. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the finished article.

Three faces to go. I haven’t managed to look at all of the other bloggers who are doing this but I did notice that quite a lot stopped after just a few. I also noticed that I am one of only two or three males doing it. What does that say? Anyhoo, onward and upward.