New Projects

Something I’ve put together for a mood board for a new project at college – 3D form. I like the start of projects and I’ve got a few to get stuck into this week. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got some kind of style or approach to things now – being able to bend the brief around to what I want to do with it.


Steve Jobs Has Had A More Positive Impact On Humankind Than Jesus Christ

There are six minutes left of my forty-third birthday. It has been a good day. I enjoy birthdays – well-wishing, presents, attention – who wouldn’t?

I am now one minute into my forty-fourth year. So far, so good.

In the photograph is my new wireless keyboard. It is great. It’s an apple product – of course it is great. They may have their critics and their failings but Apple certainly know how to churn out gorgeous chunks of industrial design sex. One of capitalism’s more agreeable triumphs.

There is a Dave Brubeck documentary on. It’s jazz that I like, which is a new sensation to me. This is good. New sensations are thin on the ground as a person ages. It also gives me the inspiration vibe – the one that makes me want to get the paints out. It’s a vibe (and I don’t believe in ‘vibes’) that is commonplace these days – I have a few ‘directions’ at the back of my mind – things I want to play around with.

Aside from the painting, construction etc I’ve been toying with the notion of making my own paper. A cursory glance at the internet gives the impression that is is a discipline with a very low barrier of entry. I have already begun to assemble some rudimentary materials for it. I want to take it further than just paper though – stick some unlikely materials in there, see what occurs.

There is a danger that I am all talk, and no getting things done. I begin the next block of college projects next week and time will be squeezed again. Less time to experiment. Unless I do it within the college framework. Yeah, may ask the tutors if anyone has any paper-making experience. One of the new subjects is textiles – I’m sure I could shoehorn paper-making into that somehow. I look forward to it.

3-D Form is another new subject. I am led to believe that we are going to be making a container of some nature. Right up my construction alley.

I noticed that I have 7% power left on this machine. I’m glad that we don’t have a similar percentage alert left on our lifetimes. Although, I am sure it is a concern mulled over somewhere in the ocean depths of our subconscious.

Thirty-seven minutes into my forty-fourth year and 5% power. Numbers whisper ‘go to bed…’

Inspirations & New Worlds

At college today a fellow student showed me a library book – brand new, pristine, the first issue – you know, that fantastic way only a new book can be. It was called Draw to Stitch by Gwen Hedley and it is all about textile design and more specifically getting from a visual stimulus, through sketching, drawing, mark making, to a final textile work or sample. Textiles has not been an area I’ve really looked at much but I rectified this over the last hour or so, trawling the net for artists works and explorations. And now I’m totally inspired to get working on something – anything – constructing, assembling, weaving, nailing, painting, inking, sanding, stitching – I just want to make! Maybe it’s late night big talk but I want to get going and experiment and explore materials next week when I have the whole week off college. That’s in between housework, the kids, work, family life etc. My fabulous other half bought me a wee heater for the artshed today so the snow and negative temperatures are no excuse for not getting out there and having a go.

Between Projects and the Joy Of Snow



Another couple of photos from the virtual camera roll. Ice from my water pot that I took in tonight — it is bitterly cold out there. The other one is some more fooling around with ink and bleach – I could spend days doing it and it’s so easy to get nice effects.

I am currently at the end of one block of projects and about to start another. The only subject I haven’t finished is printmaking but I hope to solve that tomorrow with a whole morning of image making.

I’m looking forward to the new subjects, including 3D form where we are making a container of some kind, and also textiles. I think my love of mixed media might tie in well with textile work. I am also looking forward to a digital unit – cant wait to get my hands on photoshop and the lovely iMacs the college has. I hope to take my mucking around on iPad to another level.

There is a whole load of snow here in the Scottish north east – so that means that tomorrow I take my mountain bike for the commute to college. I like commuting by bike anyway but when it’s the MTB in the snow it’s just an absolutely fantastic buzz – especially if the traffic is slow because of the conditions.

I was out making a snowman with the kids tonight and it was great fun – I think they missed not having snow near Christmas. They will be fed up with it ins couple of days though.

College Projects





Well I didn’t quite get these projects finished but they are almost there. Back to college tomorrow so I’ll get them done by the end of the week. It’s the last two weeks of the current projects and so there are some new ones on the horizon which will bring new interest to proceedings. To be honest is become a bit of a slog getting these done- perhaps I prefer the excitement of the early stages of projects. Maybe I just got a bit bogged down with the media – they aren’t exactly free flowing expressive pieces. Whatever the case it will be good to get back into the swing of things again tomorrow. First of all is the commute – I haven’t even touched a bike in three weeks.

Molly’s drawing gets a spotlight…

Into The Orchard




Our DecemberPhotoFun project has drawn to a close this week as we moved from December through into the New Year, and I hope everyone had a good and safe time.  I thought that the theme of Magic chosen by the kids was again a very clever one as at first thought you might be going oooh tricky but of course as you think about it the question arises what is Magic to you?  Once that thought gets germinating then it encompasses much that is truly remarkable about the world we live in and the magical experiences that we have, the cuddle of a new born baby; the explosion of fireworks; the creative magic contained with music, film,  art, books and theatre; the magic of the natural world around us in rainbows, flowers and cystals; ancient magic of ley lines; the abracadabra kind of magic and of course the…

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