Latest Pages and a a Few Lines





Some more recent images from the paintseptember Twitter project. Of course, I’d be making these anyway. I gave them various titles but I’ll spare you them. I employed my usual materials – ink, filler, acrylic. The last one, however, is Crayola flip-top markers borrowed from the kids – a nice effect when mixed with water. Could have potential as a landscape sketch tool.

As much as I am enjoying these easy days of housework, school runs and occasional creating I am looking forward to art college. Two weeks today I start in earnest. Excitement, nerves and all the usual are running through me. It’s not like I’m a kid fresh from school any more but there is that anticipation of a new challenge.

As I’m writing this I’ve got a documentary about John Bellany. I just burst out laughing – when he was my age he had a major retrospective exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Ever felt like a underachieve?!


Final Sketchbook Pages





These are some of the pages from my final college sketchbook. I scanned them instead of the usual photo method which I think is better and may be the way to go. I really enjoyed doing them, working paint, glue, ink and bleach in with my fingers. I’m really proud of them and I think they are some of my favourite things I’ve done. I enjoyed the college year and was kind of sad that it had to end. However, come September, I’ve got the bigger challenge of art school – exciting and daunting in equal measure.

I just realised that this is my first blog post in June. I have to remedy that. I’ll need to get into the creative groove again though – I’ve been a bit slack since college effectively ended a couple of weeks back. The artshed has fallen into chaos again so that needs seeing to and I need to sort out the college paraphernalia before starting any new work.


Back in the Groove








Had a day of just playing with collage and paint today at college. Made a nice change from the fiddly and tiresome finishing up projects I’ve been doing of late. Some of these A4 pieces are more successful than others – but they’re just glorified sketchbook work – probably not going to lead anywhere.

I think with the news being so grim just now it was nice to get my head down and get lost in work for a while.

Work For Sale/Exhibition

Our college class has it’s end of year exhibition starting on Thursday night. It’s at Rosie’s Cafe in Rosemount here in Aberdeen. It’s a charity based venture so 20% of the profits go to them which is great. Most folk have one or two works for sale but I managed to get six together – although I had planned ten. My works are priced at £50 each, which is at the lower end of the scale. I would just be delighted if I sold one of them. I’ve sold a lot of stuff to people I know but it would be a breakthrough for me if a stranger saw a work of mine, liked it, and paid to have it on their wall. Given the current financial climate I’m not too hopeful but you never know.

The Fat Sketchbook





My final project sketchbook has got a bit silly – I can”t even close it in any meaningful way – I have three pages left – wonder if I can get it to a 90 degree angle? I have really enjoyed doing it – it’s certainly a departure from the years of pen doodle books. It doesn’t really feel like a sketchbook though – it feels like a work in it’s own right, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I may end up separating the pages and putting them in some kind of box format. It might be interesting to discover such a thing in a neglected corner sometime in the future. Or maybe I could bury it , having performed some secular ritualistic incantation beforehand. Or perhaps it will just end up on the funeral pyre of my art life if I don’t make it into uni.