Final Sketchbook Pages





These are some of the pages from my final college sketchbook. I scanned them instead of the usual photo method which I think is better and may be the way to go. I really enjoyed doing them, working paint, glue, ink and bleach in with my fingers. I’m really proud of them and I think they are some of my favourite things I’ve done. I enjoyed the college year and was kind of sad that it had to end. However, come September, I’ve got the bigger challenge of art school – exciting and daunting in equal measure.

I just realised that this is my first blog post in June. I have to remedy that. I’ll need to get into the creative groove again though – I’ve been a bit slack since college effectively ended a couple of weeks back. The artshed has fallen into chaos again so that needs seeing to and I need to sort out the college paraphernalia before starting any new work.


Back in the Groove








Had a day of just playing with collage and paint today at college. Made a nice change from the fiddly and tiresome finishing up projects I’ve been doing of late. Some of these A4 pieces are more successful than others – but they’re just glorified sketchbook work – probably not going to lead anywhere.

I think with the news being so grim just now it was nice to get my head down and get lost in work for a while.

Fabulous Writing Etcetera


Charlotte Brontë’s tiny poem – 1829

– The Brontë sisters often wrote their works in a minuscule handwriting on whatever scraps of paper they could find. A magnifying glass is often required to read the texts. This early poem from a 13-year-old Charlotte was scrawled on a three-inch square paper. Scholars believe the miniature handwriting was a way for the sisters to hide their work from prying eyes and due to the expense of paper at that time. Others suggest it’s the scale that the sisters’ beloved toy soldiers would have written in, since the playthings were an integral part of their childhood fantasy world that inspired their earliest works. –

I pinched the above from the fabulous art propelled tumblr page. You can probably guess I take inspiration from some of the work posted there. Anyway, I love handwriting and use it in my work occasionally. The teeny script above is wonderful – makes me want to go and fetch some dip pens and ink and get scribbling.

I haven’t posted much of late but I have been busy. Still working on the song series of constructions for the exhibition in a couple of weeks. I seem to be having a little trouble finishing them – there about six that are just about done – just need that wee final push to get them to exhibit standard (or sale standard).

Much as it is nice to sit and blog, my time may be better spent in the art department. More to come though.

New Projects

Something I’ve put together for a mood board for a new project at college – 3D form. I like the start of projects and I’ve got a few to get stuck into this week. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got some kind of style or approach to things now – being able to bend the brief around to what I want to do with it.

Between Projects and the Joy Of Snow



Another couple of photos from the virtual camera roll. Ice from my water pot that I took in tonight — it is bitterly cold out there. The other one is some more fooling around with ink and bleach – I could spend days doing it and it’s so easy to get nice effects.

I am currently at the end of one block of projects and about to start another. The only subject I haven’t finished is printmaking but I hope to solve that tomorrow with a whole morning of image making.

I’m looking forward to the new subjects, including 3D form where we are making a container of some kind, and also textiles. I think my love of mixed media might tie in well with textile work. I am also looking forward to a digital unit – cant wait to get my hands on photoshop and the lovely iMacs the college has. I hope to take my mucking around on iPad to another level.

There is a whole load of snow here in the Scottish north east – so that means that tomorrow I take my mountain bike for the commute to college. I like commuting by bike anyway but when it’s the MTB in the snow it’s just an absolutely fantastic buzz – especially if the traffic is slow because of the conditions.

I was out making a snowman with the kids tonight and it was great fun – I think they missed not having snow near Christmas. They will be fed up with it ins couple of days though.

College Projects





Well I didn’t quite get these projects finished but they are almost there. Back to college tomorrow so I’ll get them done by the end of the week. It’s the last two weeks of the current projects and so there are some new ones on the horizon which will bring new interest to proceedings. To be honest is become a bit of a slog getting these done- perhaps I prefer the excitement of the early stages of projects. Maybe I just got a bit bogged down with the media – they aren’t exactly free flowing expressive pieces. Whatever the case it will be good to get back into the swing of things again tomorrow. First of all is the commute – I haven’t even touched a bike in three weeks.

Sculpture Experiments




These are a few app-filtered photos of the sculpture experiments we have been doing at college. Using the fantastic vacuum former machine I placed some objects onto a plaster head and formed a plastic sheet over them. I think the results are quite interesting and the machine is a great piece of kit – it’s all going towards working out a solution for a final plaster piece. It’s also a world away from the 2D stuff I usually do.

Back 2 It




I could hardly be described as prolific when it comes to this blogging business, but here I am again with a couple of random images – a digitally worked life drawing – original done with ink and a wooden skewer, and a couple of abstract muckabout things. Nothing startling, just some inkling of what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been off on holiday for the past couple of weeks and been a bit intermittent with the whole Internet thing – as for the blog – the lack of posts speaks for itself. So, what has been happening? Well, as nice as it is to have a week off college I am looking forward to getting back into it on Wednesday. I genuinely have missed creating.

I had a productive spell tidying out the artshed today. I picked up a new table at Ikea last week, set it up in the shed today, and I’m looking forward to getting some creativity going with it. While clearing out I found some interesting stuff I did last year – just some doodles and textured papers – its good finding old stuff that I might be able to exploit for new work. I’ll need all the help I can get in putting this portfolio together. I’m still at the sketchbook stage with most of my college work so a big push is needed to get some bigger work sorted out before Christmas.

Under Construction – Rothko Outrage

I spent an hour or so the other day with Ross in the artshed – he helped me out making surfaces for painting – hammering slate, pouring glue, shaking sand and the like. He had fun and it was good to get him involved. I don’t usually show this stage of the work I’ve been doing but I think these surfaces have a quality of their own – before I go ruining them with paint etc…








I just read that the idiot who defaced the Rothko painting at Tate Modern has been arrested. Good. Not everyones thing but I think that abstract expressionism was the where art peaked in the last century. Rothko’s sublime works stand among the most memorable of the age. It’s well over 50 years since that movement and the work is still fresh, engaging and full of wonder – it is probably testament to it that many people still see it as avant garde and unpalatable – I, however, love it – and it probably informs what I do now in some way. Anyhoo – daubing your name on a Rothko masterpiece thinking it is going to add value (as the perpetrator has said) is plain stupidity – I don’t know what this guys punishment should be but I’m glad he has been caught.

Ok, now Robert Hughes’ ‘Shock of the New’ rerun is on BBC4 now. I seem to be eating art these days. Ta ta.