Just bought this packet of lovely thick cartridge paper to mount my college work – but what could I do with the other 70 odd sheets?! Somehow I don’t think I’ll be needing to buy paper for a very long time.


Between Projects and the Joy Of Snow



Another couple of photos from the virtual camera roll. Ice from my water pot that I took in tonight — it is bitterly cold out there. The other one is some more fooling around with ink and bleach – I could spend days doing it and it’s so easy to get nice effects.

I am currently at the end of one block of projects and about to start another. The only subject I haven’t finished is printmaking but I hope to solve that tomorrow with a whole morning of image making.

I’m looking forward to the new subjects, including 3D form where we are making a container of some kind, and also textiles. I think my love of mixed media might tie in well with textile work. I am also looking forward to a digital unit – cant wait to get my hands on photoshop and the lovely iMacs the college has. I hope to take my mucking around on iPad to another level.

There is a whole load of snow here in the Scottish north east – so that means that tomorrow I take my mountain bike for the commute to college. I like commuting by bike anyway but when it’s the MTB in the snow it’s just an absolutely fantastic buzz – especially if the traffic is slow because of the conditions.

I was out making a snowman with the kids tonight and it was great fun – I think they missed not having snow near Christmas. They will be fed up with it ins couple of days though.

Temporary Sketchbook Solution

Whilst attempting to tidy the artshed I came across a wee green Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook dated from January 2000 – I had only worked in a few pages so have most of it to use – random quote in it from back then ‘time is a strap on my wrist – point of nothing’ mmm who knows what was passing through my head at that stage. Anyhoo I’ve got somewhere new to draw for the next wee while. So much for working bigger – the book is titchy.

Yet Another Dead Sketchbook

A crude collage of bits of the last sketchbook from the second half of July. This is the beginning of another month but there few coppers in the kitty for a new sketchbook (that and the fact that I rarely venture into the city centre) – I may have to get creative for my next one. Loose pages – punched, filed, strung, glued, stapled, folded, torn, scrapped in a book handmade. Any ideas considered.

I may have touched on it before but I’m still struggling to nail down the point of sketchbooks – other than I find them addictive. Ok – August 1st resolution – get all of my sketchbooks in one place. I’ve said it before now I must do it. I also must blog more – this seems to be the first one for a week and a half.

Another Dead Sketchbook


One sketchbook ends and another begins. As you may make out in the photo the new one is the kind of Daler Rowney spiral affair with the distinctive red and yellow cover – I used to use the smallest version of these about 10 years ago with Berol fine felt pens – I’m sure I had one in my portfolio for college 20 odd years back too. Anyway, the paper is a bit better quality than the ones I’ve been using lately and it encourages drawing in a more controlled precise manner, which may or may not be a good thing. One of these days I’m going to gather all of my sketchbooks together in one place – until then I’ll just keep filling them.



The last page of my old sketchbook along with my new Lamy fountain pen – which I’m liking a lot. Also a new sketchbook that I got for fathers day (along with a fab Swatch, bicycle themed notebook and some coloured sharpies – thanks kids! (Mads)) – with an impulse buy at Hobbycraft – some blank artists trading cards – I don’t know much about them – other than they get swapped or sold on eBay – anyone else use them/know of them? Anyway it’s the great unknown of blank paper again. I’d like to come up with stuff that I haven’t before.