When is a picture finished?

This is the picture I’m thinking of entering into the Aberdeen artists society exhibition. I just don’t know if it’s finished, or any good, or not worth the £10 entry fee – when it will likely be rejected, as last years was. No, I’m not feeling confident, but hey, onward and upward. I think I’ll add a coat of varnish to bring it together a bit. And no, I don’t know what it’s about – it’s an image and I enjoy making images. Doesn’t have a title yet. Have to think of one- there is nothing so dull as ‘untitled’.



One thought on “When is a picture finished?

  1. Sit on it a while; you’ll know if it’s finished or not. Don’t leave it ‘untitled’, make up a name and put a number after it: like Shahastra #3 or some such madness.

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