The Fat Sketchbook





My final project sketchbook has got a bit silly – I can”t even close it in any meaningful way – I have three pages left – wonder if I can get it to a 90 degree angle? I have really enjoyed doing it – it’s certainly a departure from the years of pen doodle books. It doesn’t really feel like a sketchbook though – it feels like a work in it’s own right, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. I may end up separating the pages and putting them in some kind of box format. It might be interesting to discover such a thing in a neglected corner sometime in the future. Or maybe I could bury it , having performed some secular ritualistic incantation beforehand. Or perhaps it will just end up on the funeral pyre of my art life if I don’t make it into uni.




5 thoughts on “The Fat Sketchbook

  1. Your work is indeed fat. maybe if you placed a couple of telephone books on em, that would flatten them out a bit 🙂
    But seriously, I love your collages and the rich textures you use. They should be in-cased in glass and hung on a wall. Maybe even in a gallery.

  2. These works are great and definitely deserve to be unbound. They are works of art not just sketches. Uni may refine an artist but does not make one. You are an artist and your work is developing so much already regardless of you getting in to uni or not. Karen.

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