Inspirations & New Worlds

At college today a fellow student showed me a library book – brand new, pristine, the first issue – you know, that fantastic way only a new book can be. It was called Draw to Stitch by Gwen Hedley and it is all about textile design and more specifically getting from a visual stimulus, through sketching, drawing, mark making, to a final textile work or sample. Textiles has not been an area I’ve really looked at much but I rectified this over the last hour or so, trawling the net for artists works and explorations. And now I’m totally inspired to get working on something – anything – constructing, assembling, weaving, nailing, painting, inking, sanding, stitching – I just want to make! Maybe it’s late night big talk but I want to get going and experiment and explore materials next week when I have the whole week off college. That’s in between housework, the kids, work, family life etc. My fabulous other half bought me a wee heater for the artshed today so the snow and negative temperatures are no excuse for not getting out there and having a go.


6 thoughts on “Inspirations & New Worlds

    • Thanks – haven’t tried the heater out yet but I’m looking forward to some pure self-indulgent experimenting next week. I’ve been lazy and not checked up on other blogs recently – must look out for any elf action 🙂

  1. i have this book in my amazon wishlist as im a big fan of textile art and there are so many fab ways of producing it! i did an art access course last year and im now doing my degree, both have opened my eyes to the possibilities available in this medium. there are images and book recommendations on my blog if you are interested 🙂

    • Cool – thanks, I’ll have a look. There is another book in the college library about textile sketchbooks and it is brilliant – really made me think about what a sketchbook can consist of. I always thought of textiles in a tight, disciplined, sewing manner but you can be quite loose with the interpretation.

  2. Nice. Really diversifying now. I expect you to start knitting soon. It’s cold after all 🙂 Brrrr I’m picturing a glowing, toasty little shed in Scotland somewhere with a moat of melted snow around it 😛

    • Haha – no, knitting is my other half’s thing – I got a hat for Christmas a and my birthday jumper is almost finished! Not made it into the shed with the heater yet – but you do paint a lovely picture! Next week…

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