29 Faces #20 Chess Piece etc

Inspired partly by the amazing Lewis chessmen this is another cheat that was kicking about in a sketchbook.

It’s looking like another day of mediterranean weather here in Aberdoom – I could get used this – the ice cream snacks, minimal clothing, garden-dwelling, sun cream slapping, sunglassed bliss of it all. Out the window I can see a tree with that fantastic brand new leaf green colour going on. This end of summer is so full of potential.

I gained my 29th follower earlier – I know that’s not a lot by some standards but it’s getting towards the number of friends I have on Facebook – people I actually know. I haven’t informed my Facebook world that my blog world exists. The fact that all of the people who appear to ‘like’ my stuff on here were previously unknown to me is interesting and encouraging. I don’t know whether to tell the FB world about it.


4 thoughts on “29 Faces #20 Chess Piece etc

    • Bad as it may sound I’ve not been working in the shed. I tend to do my drawing either first thing when I’m up with Ross or last thing when everyone is on bed – the shed was actually too hot to work in these waist few days anyway. My FB friends do know I draw as I used to post a daily drawing on there for a while – I got some positive feedback epwhich has helped me get back into it.

  1. Oh no! Let’s keep you our little secret a while longer!

    What a fun picture you paint of a sun kissed day.

    I like the sketch.

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