Cleansing Fire

I had a wee bonfire going in the fire pit today. There was a pile of not good enough artwork from college to get rid of. It was great to see them go up on flames – no point in keeping weak work. I know it is often said that you should never throw any old art out but I’ve never agreed with that idea. I think there is a kind of evolutionary thing going on where only keeping the stronger stuff, as a reference point, will lead to better work.


29 Faces #14 Abandoned Fool

I kind of gave up on this due to the biro not responding too well on the sketchbook paper – it works better with the cheap copier paper – it goes a bit grey, fluffy and ill-defined in the book. It was going to be called ‘Big Fool in a Small Sea’ – might revisit he idea at a later date.

Just back in from a day of sunshine – what a great change from the hail stones of last week.

29 Faces #10 Morning Bear

This was done before 8 o’clock this morning – definitely a doodley, zentangle feel about it. I might not like the skull meme but I don’t mind the bear drawing disease that’s doing the rounds. I did this in the cheap photocopy paper again and there is a lot of bleeding – I used sharpie pens too and they are not prone to bleeding. Back to the card for the next one.

All I seem to post are these faces – have a quote…

“You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life.” ~ Salvador Dali


And here is a good pencil fetish website.

Got on a bit better with the commission painting last night. Tonight is my last night off work until next Monday so I’ll have to get it nailed.