Something from the Edge of Winter


I was back in the artshed tonight, paints and assorted materials out, several different sheets on the go at same time. I’ve hardly been in there recently – all those fine evenings in the golden summer we had and now that it’s turning to dark and cold in the evenings I feel the urge to be there – warm clothes on, artificial light, operating with difficulty in the awkward mess. What is this urge, this drive for thrawn isolation?


New Paint


Well into the second block of college and I finally buy a set of paints. Gouache paint for a change – I like the thick or thin aspect of it.

I went to the art college I have applied to yesterday. Whilst I wasn’t daunted by the standard of work I did get a sense of it being very difficult to get accepted. I’m not all that positive about my chances. Seeing as it is painting I have applied for I think I need to do some more painting and not just fooling around with mixed media like I have been doing.

College Projects





Well I didn’t quite get these projects finished but they are almost there. Back to college tomorrow so I’ll get them done by the end of the week. It’s the last two weeks of the current projects and so there are some new ones on the horizon which will bring new interest to proceedings. To be honest is become a bit of a slog getting these done- perhaps I prefer the excitement of the early stages of projects. Maybe I just got a bit bogged down with the media – they aren’t exactly free flowing expressive pieces. Whatever the case it will be good to get back into the swing of things again tomorrow. First of all is the commute – I haven’t even touched a bike in three weeks.