2013, New iPad and All.

After a month of coping with various dysfunctional laptops I have a replacement iPad and the ability to do things the easy way. My last post was on the 19th of December and that is way too long a gap. However, it’s good to be able to start a new year with fresh intentions and the tech to express them.

I hope whoever may be reading this had a good festive season – mine was great but it is good to be on the other side of it. 2013 sounds good to me – no jubilee, no Olympics, no pressure. Hopefully lots of positive things happening for everyone. No resolutions from me this year – don’t think I achieved many on last years list. Perhaps self improvement just happens by itself if it is going to at all. No need to push the river.

The pic is a detail from the mixed media final project I’m working on – more to post in the coming days.


Lame Tech Issues and Big Issues

Ok – so I have been a bit quiet with the blogging of late – this is due mainly to ‘technical difficulties’ as the cliche goes. Firstly, as I posted a couple of weeks back, my wee boy threw my iPad into the sink which, of course, destroyed it. So, my girlfriend kindly lent me her wee netbook – I was just getting used to this when that boy of mine, again, did something to it and rendered some of the keys useless – fortunately there is the onscreen keyboard so all was not lost – unless I wanted to type more than a couple of words. So now, I am typing this on my girlfriends old laptop – windows XP, K plastic key missing and battery goosed so it has to be plugged in all the time. It works and I have net access so I should thank the grace of circumstance. At this rate next week I’ll be typing on a ZX Spectrum wired up to a steam engine.

There are, of course, worse things happening than my stupid comp problem. I am still reeling from the shock of America’s latest mass shooting. Words are feeble in such times. Most of what has happened is beyond my understanding. I am utterly bewildered by gun culture – Perhaps some kind American can explain to me the whole ‘right to bear arms’ thing – it’s moral and logical basis escapes me. The whole thing kind of made me stop in my tracks over the weekend – I didn’t do my usual #FF tweets, didn’t Facebook and even avoided the news as everything I heard seemed to be worse than the last.

I’ve written enough for now – I didn’t intend for this to take a depressing turn but it was unavoidable in a way. When I’ve sorted out some method of camera/software/posting I may actually bring some art to the table.

The Changes Never Made

The term resolution has usually left the vocabulary by this time of year. Despite this I thought I’d
post the list I did at the turn of the year – as a reminder and to see if I have managed to achieve any of them or at least made moves towards doing them. Still not made that banana tree yet, but have completed a couple of pictures.

There is, with hindsight, a few things I’d like to add – like be more tolerant, less judgemental…etc – but surely I should be doing these things anyway? Blog more often might be a good one. And definitely need to add ‘get on to a real computer’ to the list. iPad is fantastic but I can’t customise the WordPress settings on it – like getting a gravatar on the go etc.