Wedding Photos

20130514-074906.jpg</aThe above is a wishing well that my girlfriend and I made for our friends wedding last Saturday. It's purpose was for the guests to put their gift envelopes into. It's clearly not my usual kind of thing but I think it fulfilled the brief.

20130514-075436.jpgMore my kind of thing was this piece of ‘ruin porn’ in the form of a great big rusted metal door at the back of the wedding church car park.

It’s a bit strange at this end of the college year. Most of my projects are done and I have the safe knowledge of my place at art college in September. So today I am going to make a box to contain the sketchbook that is a bit out of control and cannot be closed. I will have to dismantle the book to make it loose leaf to fit in the box. I will of course be making the box from found wood and materials. More to come.


Homemade Pens and Good News

I had a pile of dip pen nibs lying around and no holder for them – so what to do? Get some willow, duct tape and get making. I also made a folding pen yesterday using a cider can, old brush handle and ever useful duct tape. It makes some nice marks. They all look a little homemade and crude but I kind of like that aesthetic. (The burnt cardboard is for a college project).

I found out yesterday that I have got a placement on a college/uni scheme where I get to help out one morning or afternoon with a local primary school class with teaching art. It’s only for 8 weeks but it will be good experience and will determine whether I enjoy working in a classroom environment or not.