29 Faces #24 The Final Elf

I started this while Noddy was on this morning. It is crap. I hate it. I will not draw another elf. I said I wouldn’t edit so I haven’t. It is ok to be negative, it is ok to dislike something. I have no elves, fairies or goblins in me. I remember painting a fairy on a leather jacket years ago – it was shit too. Should have learned that lesson.

29 faces #17 The Stolen Elf

I hate it when rubbing out pencil lines the cheap supermarket ink smudges – I could always cultivate some patience and wait for it to dry for the week it seems to need.

Ok, I’ve got 12 faces left to do and only 7 days left – I will have to really get my act together or do some slap dash faces. No more tonight though, it’s past midnight.