Doodle, of a beardy fella. Envelope, biro.


29 Faces #14 Abandoned Fool

I kind of gave up on this due to the biro not responding too well on the sketchbook paper – it works better with the cheap copier paper – it goes a bit grey, fluffy and ill-defined in the book. It was going to be called ‘Big Fool in a Small Sea’ – might revisit he idea at a later date.

Just back in from a day of sunshine – what a great change from the hail stones of last week.

29 Faces #13 Bad Psychology Book Cover

A day late due to camera energy issues. I’m getting back into using the humble biro – cheap, cheerful and ubiquitous – a true weapon of mass creation. Don’t know about this face though – it just kinda came out.

I am actually wearing shorts and t-shirt today – first time since that heatwave we had in March. Might even get out on the bikes with the kids this afty. What a happy-go-lucky sunshine boy I am!*

Must have a bash at a couple more faces later tonight though – May is draining away at an alarming rate.


29 Faces #12 Bird & 3 Stringed Instrument

I know I have some catching up to do but I sold my commission today so I might get some more faces done. This is the first one I haven’t put through a filter. Due to tedious reasons I had to take the pic with the rubbish iPad camera. It is also done in biro, for a change. As can be seen it is unfinished – I may or may not finish it. The full stupid title should be ‘He Watches the Bird Fall for an Unplayable 3 Stringed Instrument’