Summer Break Photos




Three pics from our fortnight on the Isle of Lewis. The Callanish Stones are the pagan heart of the island, way older and more mysterious than Stonehenge. A China Shipping container sitting in the middle of nowhere. A very old push bike leaning against the Hebridean Soap Company wall. Had a nice break but it’s good to be back home and very much looking forward to starting college next month.

Extended Break

Sorry WordPress – I’ve been cheating on you with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (among others) – I’ve been absorbing the abnormal to north east Scotland hot weather of the last two weeks – changing my natural pale blue complexion to sun-worn brown – like living in a Mediterranean weather graft, driving with the windows wide and making no difference – going out for runs late on and it’s still too warm – but best of all teaching my daughter to ride her bike – three days this week and she had it dialled – now it’s part of her – that great indelible knowledge that can’t be seen but can’t be lost – a magic still point in a child’s life – I can do it and now I’m gone – no more holding on from dad – just more letting go.

I’ll get back to the art one day. Soon. Accidentally. Maybe.

Holiday from Art/Fitness


A quick scan of the excellent wordpress app tells me that I haven’t posted anything since the 19th of last month. That is clearly not often enough. The reason being, however, is that I seem to have taken a break from making any art since college finished. I’ve occasionally doodled in a wee sketchbook but that’s been the extent of my creative output. I thought I would be inspired to do some network in the artshed over the holidays but that hasn’t been the case so far. Instead I’ve been, arguably, busy with housework, the garden etc.


The other day I decided I have had enough of looking at my ever expanding middle aged waistline and set myself the goal of getting rid of it. So I dug out the running shoes and got to it. I don’t know what methods other folk employ when getting into, or back into, running but I like to start off with a few sessions of walk/run/walk/run. I count steps – 50 initially – as I go along and gradually increase the number of running steps to walking ones. I don’t need to reiterate the universal benefits of exercise here but already I feel a bit sharper, although there are a few unfamiliar aches in the legs now.

This morning, after I’ve dropped the kids off, I’m going to get some mountain biking back into my life. It’s been way too long since I had a blast round the local woods. I usually just leave from the house but seeing as my route back from nursery takes me past a nice big forestry commission wood with a variety of trails, it’s too good a chance to miss. School finishes tomorrow so I won’t have the chance to indulge myself like this for a while.

I do hope that I can keep up some kind of exercise routine and that it’s not just a summer fad. Much as I love the aesthetic of decay, it’s something I need to try and stall in my own body.