Meanwhile At Art School…..






A few pics of what I’ve been up to at art college recently. The usual messy play and a bit of an objective painting in progress. I’m slowly getting into the ways of oil paint.

Really been neglecting the whole blog thing so it will no doubt be a while until the next post.

Goodbye Lou Reed


Back in my first art student phase (25 years ago) I bought Lou Reed’s latest album New York – I liked it so much I went out immediately and got Transformer – it became one of my favourite albums of that period of my life. At that point, being such a loner, I felt closer to the people who made the sounds that came into my room than those around me. That’s why it means so much when these talented people pass away. I’m sure there will be a lot of media coverage over the next few days and I’m sure it will be warranted. There are not many left who genuinely changed the nature of modern rock music.

Latest Pages and a a Few Lines





Some more recent images from the paintseptember Twitter project. Of course, I’d be making these anyway. I gave them various titles but I’ll spare you them. I employed my usual materials – ink, filler, acrylic. The last one, however, is Crayola flip-top markers borrowed from the kids – a nice effect when mixed with water. Could have potential as a landscape sketch tool.

As much as I am enjoying these easy days of housework, school runs and occasional creating I am looking forward to art college. Two weeks today I start in earnest. Excitement, nerves and all the usual are running through me. It’s not like I’m a kid fresh from school any more but there is that anticipation of a new challenge.

As I’m writing this I’ve got a documentary about John Bellany. I just burst out laughing – when he was my age he had a major retrospective exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Ever felt like a underachieve?!

Paint September




I’ve been doing a twitter project called #paintseptember – so I’ve been posting an image a day. Mostly daft wee sketchbook pages like these ones. I start art college at the end of the month so this is a good way to limber up and keep my hand in. It has certainly been productive in terms of y twitter use – I’ve seen some fabulous work and I’ve managed to gain about 50 followers in the past week or so. This is fine while I have the time but once uni starts it’ll be head down into the work. Hopefully I’ll still manage to do the odd blogpost though – maybe keep it to a weekly basis.

Something from the Edge of Winter


I was back in the artshed tonight, paints and assorted materials out, several different sheets on the go at same time. I’ve hardly been in there recently – all those fine evenings in the golden summer we had and now that it’s turning to dark and cold in the evenings I feel the urge to be there – warm clothes on, artificial light, operating with difficulty in the awkward mess. What is this urge, this drive for thrawn isolation?