Graphite Rediscovery




I was once told that I am at my happiest with a pencil in my hand. I have started a sketchbook using just graphite and a rubber. The image making is a bit sketchy, abstract and vague and may not lead anywhere but I am enjoying it. I haven’t used a pencil consistently for years and I am enjoying the range of tone compared to the pens I’ve been using.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but perhaps I should get into it again over the summer while I don’t have college to occupy me.


4 thoughts on “Graphite Rediscovery

  1. Cool stuff, and yeah; the pencil is the one tool that every artist of every discipline should have either a mastery of, or at least, a very good practice with. It is, in a sense, the rawest of all drawing tools.

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