Extended Break

Sorry WordPress – I’ve been cheating on you with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (among others) – I’ve been absorbing the abnormal to north east Scotland hot weather of the last two weeks – changing my natural pale blue complexion to sun-worn brown – like living in a Mediterranean weather graft, driving with the windows wide and making no difference – going out for runs late on and it’s still too warm – but best of all teaching my daughter to ride her bike – three days this week and she had it dialled – now it’s part of her – that great indelible knowledge that can’t be seen but can’t be lost – a magic still point in a child’s life – I can do it and now I’m gone – no more holding on from dad – just more letting go.

I’ll get back to the art one day. Soon. Accidentally. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Extended Break

  1. Beautiful! Do more of the same. Such a poignant time with your daughter – she’ll probably treasure that as a golden (bronzed lol) memory of happy times with you and she’ll be able to place it quite precisely too – “remember that summer when there was actually sun?” lol 😛
    I’ve been neither here nor there with blogging and the like too. Any storms where you are now? We had pretty scary thunder and lightening in London yesterday that woke me up good and proper with a start! Enjoy any remnants of summer that we have left 😉

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