Final Sketchbook Pages





These are some of the pages from my final college sketchbook. I scanned them instead of the usual photo method which I think is better and may be the way to go. I really enjoyed doing them, working paint, glue, ink and bleach in with my fingers. I’m really proud of them and I think they are some of my favourite things I’ve done. I enjoyed the college year and was kind of sad that it had to end. However, come September, I’ve got the bigger challenge of art school – exciting and daunting in equal measure.

I just realised that this is my first blog post in June. I have to remedy that. I’ll need to get into the creative groove again though – I’ve been a bit slack since college effectively ended a couple of weeks back. The artshed has fallen into chaos again so that needs seeing to and I need to sort out the college paraphernalia before starting any new work.



5 thoughts on “Final Sketchbook Pages

  1. I can see why you’ve enjoyed college so much this year. Onwards and upwards! It’s always good to take a break and regroup though – sorting out the artshed sounds like the perfect step back ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favourite is the page just above the words. What did you use to write the words? I love the random fluidity and the rusty tinge to the inky colours. It’s perfect. LOVE IT!!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I used bleach and and old dip pen do do the text on the pieces. It’s acrylic and ink underneath. It’s a technique that I love – most folk used the ink and bleach thing at college just once or twice but I’ve used it throughout my time there.

      • I love the effect. Where do you buy bleach for this purpose? I’m a bit scared of bleach – I tend to pour it very carefully down the toilet, and that’s all the bleach I know!
        I can’t read the text (which is actually cool) – just curious ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Haha – it’s no fine art material – a quick look under the kitchen sink just informed me that I use Co-operative Extra Thick Arctic Storm bleach. Any thick household bleach will do – I tried thin stuff but it’s no use. It’s best to keep it in a glass bottle and just be careful. For these last pieces I was using those latex disposable gloves and working the ink and bleach in with my fingers – felt very direct and I liked the results. It kills brushes so wooden coffee stirrers are good for application. And here endeth the bleach information broadcast. Play safe now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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