Short Post About SUCCESS!

Today I finally heard…I got into Gray’s School of Art here in Aberdeen – 2nd year Painting. Suffice to say I am delighted and my head is full of delusions of adequacy.

11 thoughts on “Short Post About SUCCESS!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! MY head is filled with delusions of adequacy as I feel that I noted those real signs of greatness in you before this welcome news that the Grays School of Art recognised your talent. Well done! I guess you’ll have even less time to associate with us mere mortals now, but hope that you will keep us updated with news of your exploits from time to time! When do you start? 🙂

  2. Looking forward to some of the work that you’ll be doing at the school. This world is too digital; we need more painting, and we need artists to keep painting alive. Good luck, and post up lots of painting and related drawings and sketches.

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