kindle fire experiment

Playing with Madelene’s kindle Fire HD to see if it’s a viable ipad replacement. First impressions are good considering size and relative price.

4 thoughts on “kindle fire experiment

  1. I’ve seen fun things with the Google Nexus 7 too. Very comparable price to the Kindle Fire.I think there’s a 10 due out next year that’s designed to rival the iPad at a higher price. I haven’t really a clue about iPads etc but thought I’d throw in what I’d heard in case Santa needs some pointers 😉

    • Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the Nexus too – seems ok. What I want is to be able to stick photos on it directly from the SD card, edit and post on here, twitter etc. I think this is possible with the Nexus and not the Kindle – I am a fussy so and so. More research needed. Didn’t think I’d be in this position until my fab other half suggested it earlier. I do miss posting art n stuff on the blog.

      • Oh don’t call it advice! I spread the grapevine. Although having played with a friend’s Nexus I was impressed – for what it cost. I wouldn’t compare it quite with an iPad but I suspect it should be better than the fire.
        Two things though to bear in mind that I noticed, there isn’t a decent camera – if I remember correctly it only has a low spec front facing camera, and you can’t actually replace the battery! I don’t know how you used to upload things but presume you’re normally an Apple user?
        It’s also heavier than a standard Kindle although I haven’t actually touched the Fire so no idea how it’d compare.
        Yes, research more so that you find something that makes blogging easier hehe!

  2. Ah – thanks for the further info. I was very much bearing in mind that I wasn’t playing with my beloved iPad and was impressed by the kindle generally – it is quite heavy though and the nexus is one of the lightest, supposedly. I think the Nexus might be the best option regarding apps and the like. I wish I was an Apple user – we have iMacs at college and I melt to a puddle before their industrial design gorgeousness. They really do bring out the worst of the consumer in me. I’ve looked online enough now – time for the arms of orpheus. 😉

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