Death of an iPad

I am typing this on Madelene’s netbook as my wee boy took it upon himself to launch my  iPad into a sink full of water. Although it was traumatic at the time, it really got me thinking about being so dependent on technology. I felt like my whole life was on the iPad – which, of course, it wasn’t. There is nothing on it that will make a huge impact on my life by losing it. What I do miss is my virtual footprint – the Tweeting regularly, the occasional blogging and the rare Facebooking. The friendly glow that comes from the unseen, unknown people that I’ve made acquaintance with is what I really miss. Of course, I can do all this on here but it’s the intuative ease of use that the Apple product allows that made life so much more easily – I’ve already tried to load photos from my memory card but Windows (curse it) is asking me to format the card first therefore losing all data on it – no thanks. So now I will have to dig out a camera cable and see if that bears fruit. I do realise this is very much a first world problem and there are worse things going on in the cosmos but iPading was such an integral part of my existence. On the plus side, I seem to have done more creating since its demise – yesterday, in college I did four big (A1 size) paintings – not fantastic stuff but big loose abstract work that was a joy to do. Perhaps my loss will prove to be a disguised positive.

The iPad is currently residing in a bag of rice in the vain hope that it may make a recovery.


2 thoughts on “Death of an iPad

  1. I feel your pain. Just the other day I pressed something on my monitor that I didn’t know put it in a random sleep mode. Nothing I did could bring up the display even though the screen indicator flashed “on”. The dreaded virus thought surfaced and I felt the silent panic rising. Technology is so important to us, and so much of what we create nowadays is virtual, and gone so easily. These floating words and images connect us to real people though, that’s the magic I love too.
    Hope your iPad does make that wished for recovery after the incident has inspired you to create a few more masterpieces.
    I guess your rather philosophical reaction to the whole disaster will not be lost on the poor wee boy. He at least will not be getting the message that these things are the be all and end all. Much art happening in the shed these days or is it too cold?
    We’ll still be hanging around, iPad or no iPad – take care 🙂

    • Thanks for our kind words. I’m not holding out hope for the iPad and I’m learning to navigate my way around this netbook, which I am grateful for. It’s the creative tool side of it that I’m missing most. I’ll be back in the artshed on Monday for some creating – most of the college projects are coming to a head now so I’ll be working on final pieces. Hopefuly I’ll work out a way of sharing these on the blog. Thanks again for taking the time to comment 🙂

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