I took part in the summer version of this and it was great fun – I hope to do at least one photo a week for it, which may well relate to my art. The more take part the merrier.

Into The Orchard


Photo Credit: UCLA

Well back in the summer me and the kids decided to do a photography project, blatantly stealing the themes idea from the Guardian newspaper.  The difference for us was a) the kids were going to set the themes and b) we were going to use social media via twitter and this blog to run it.  This would help all of us to educate ourselves about these new mediums and to show the kids some of it’s incredible creative and connective possibilities.  At the time I had no idea what we were doing but realised that even if no one else took part we had a great summer holiday project.  The project for us worked really well as there was always time during the holidays when you might be at a loose end but we always had the project – either to get them looking for what they…

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