Speed Drawing



I did this very quick doodle of Radiohead for a Twitter project the other night. It doesn’t look much like them and it wont win any prizes but each one took a matter of seconds and I really enjoyed doing it. As it turned out we did some speed drawing as a warm up in life drawing on Friday. Three minutes for each one and it was great fun- no time to over think the drawing, trying to catch the essence of the pose with rudimentary charcoal lines. The first one was just getting a feeling for doing it – by the third I was getting into the swing of it. Anyway, it was really enjoyable and I think it the class with a tangible learning curve.


2 thoughts on “Speed Drawing

  1. These are great for quick sketches. Reminds me of a little exercise I once did; every time a new song would pop up on my iTunes or Pandora, I would do a quick drawing of the lead singer. I’ve got some fun a quick scrawling of many a punk frontman from that!

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