An acrylic and polllyfilla sketch of Sheilabost beach in Harris. Been enjoying doing seascapes/landscapes recently. Always found ones I had done previously erring on the side of twee. I like the controlled mess thing – the more of them I do the more abstract potential I see. This one is only A4 – I’d like it to be the size of a transit van.


10 thoughts on “Seascape

  1. Definitely liking what I see here! The bigger the better! I’m loving the colours here. There’s something really calm about this even though there are all these different textures and patterns alive on the surface. Very nice, very nice. (I’m hearing my primary school teacher’s voice in my head here: “Nice is a biscuit” and I’m defying her lol.)

  2. Love this, I’m really enjoying seeing your work there is lots that I really like. We may need to have a conversation about you doing something for me

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