Under Construction – Rothko Outrage

I spent an hour or so the other day with Ross in the artshed – he helped me out making surfaces for painting – hammering slate, pouring glue, shaking sand and the like. He had fun and it was good to get him involved. I don’t usually show this stage of the work I’ve been doing but I think these surfaces have a quality of their own – before I go ruining them with paint etc…








I just read that the idiot who defaced the Rothko painting at Tate Modern has been arrested. Good. Not everyones thing but I think that abstract expressionism was the where art peaked in the last century. Rothko’s sublime works stand among the most memorable of the age. It’s well over 50 years since that movement and the work is still fresh, engaging and full of wonder – it is probably testament to it that many people still see it as avant garde and unpalatable – I, however, love it – and it probably informs what I do now in some way. Anyhoo – daubing your name on a Rothko masterpiece thinking it is going to add value (as the perpetrator has said) is plain stupidity – I don’t know what this guys punishment should be but I’m glad he has been caught.

Ok, now Robert Hughes’ ‘Shock of the New’ rerun is on BBC4 now. I seem to be eating art these days. Ta ta.


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