I did this silly drawing today for a #mergimals twitter project – whereby you merge two animals in a drawing – an age old visual device but a fun one nonetheless. My original idea was pine marten octopus but I was rushed for time so used one of my old dog with tattoos and stuck on a seahorse ending – not my finest hour but like I say, harmless fun.

It’s been a busy week this week – my wee girl started school and my son started full time nursery. I am no longer a stay-at-home dad – which I find very sad but also liberating. I enrolled at college yesterday which was a bit of a marathon – sitting at a computer doing elementary numeracy and literacy ‘core skills’ exercises is not my idea of a good time – my head was mince by the end of it. Anyhoo, I start next Wednesday – first class is sculpture – ‘take a roll of wallpaper and a graphite stick’. Bring it on.

So I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging anymore – I won’t bore with details of college work and as I’m aiming for a strong portfolio I’m not going to be doing much personal work. Who knows though, I cannot say what I’ll do with the blog. I’ll need to change the about page for a start. Maybe I’ll find it therapeutic to come on here and empty my cranium form time to time.


8 thoughts on “seahorsedog(withtattoos)interuptstheblogsilence

  1. I like observing the contents of your cranium. I hope you do find time to empty some of the stuff here still from time to time.

    Hope the course is what you hope it will be and that you enjoy it. Wish you a whole lot of inspiration and many hours of productivity. Congrats on the wee ones moving onwards and upwards. Hope there will still be good times in the artshed not too far into the future šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your kind words – I’m sitting in the college it room doing this. first thing I did was gravitate towords the blog! – using some stuff I have done to use in college projects – so, yes there may be more to come on here.

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