Yet Another Dead Sketchbook

A crude collage of bits of the last sketchbook from the second half of July. This is the beginning of another month but there few coppers in the kitty for a new sketchbook (that and the fact that I rarely venture into the city centre) – I may have to get creative for my next one. Loose pages – punched, filed, strung, glued, stapled, folded, torn, scrapped in a book handmade. Any ideas considered.

I may have touched on it before but I’m still struggling to nail down the point of sketchbooks – other than I find them addictive. Ok – August 1st resolution – get all of my sketchbooks in one place. I’ve said it before now I must do it. I also must blog more – this seems to be the first one for a week and a half.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Dead Sketchbook

  1. Yay. I second the blogging more part. The fact that you find sketchbooks addictive means that they are serving your need for something to sketch in…perhaps? Do they have to have some higher purpose? You seem to fill them up, unlike me and the sketchbook I still have from school, with more than 70% unfilled pages and 25% complete and utter rubbish… šŸ˜¦

    • Thanks for the comment – my sketchbook ‘complete and utter rubbish’ count is way higher than 25%! But maybe that’s the point – that they’re for working things out, dumping nonsense, noting ideas and not being precious. I don’t think my books are artworks in themselves but there are plenty that are. So, go and get your old book and a weapon and start sketching again! šŸ™‚

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