Messy II / Big Gay Happy News!

Another photo for the photo project I’m doing. Theme being messy today’s unscheduled DIY project fitted the bill. I had to smash up the floor tiles in the hall in order to get a carpet fitted properly. Apart from the brief buzz of primal violence with the hammer it was a complete pain to do. Thing is, I’m not finished so I’ll have to rest, regroup and hit it with renewed gusto in the morning.

I had planned to do a wee celebratory drawing of some kind to mark today’s fantastic news that gay marriage is to be allowed in Scotland. Well done the Scottish government for being so forward thinking and ignoring the vile homophobic views of the Catholic Church and Church of Scotland (not to mention Muslim leaders). Apparently the fabric of society (whatever that abstract nonsense is) will now crumble before our very eyes – or perhaps it will have no effect at all other than all those who love one another will be able to make a binding commitment, if they so wish. Our little country just got that little bit better today.


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