I make no apologies to any English followers for being so stereotypically Scottish – thank feck Italy put England out of Euro 2012. England losing is a glorious sight to behold – a victory for football. And before anyone says Scotland didn’t even qualify – we know fine that we’re crap at football. Our national sport is heart disease.

In other news – amazing scenes in Egypt – but can’t help thinking that under the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ things might not be so democratic for the ladies.

I used to draw. Maybe I’ll do it again one day. Who knows.


2 thoughts on “JUSTICE!!!

  1. LOL be as “stereotypically Scottish” as you like, England didn’t play well enough to go through. Even if they had the luck tonight (which they’ve had a fair amount of in this tournament) they’d never have stood a chance against Germany 😉
    At least they weren’t so downbeat defeatist this time though and worked hard. Makes a nice change!

  2. It takes a lot for some of the English media to admit they aren’t good enough and maybe some realisations were made tonight. I even heard someone say that they have no chance in the next world cup – which they usually claim they’ll win by merely turning up. Hey ho. – I can enjoy the football now.

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