The last page of my old sketchbook along with my new Lamy fountain pen – which I’m liking a lot. Also a new sketchbook that I got for fathers day (along with a fab Swatch, bicycle themed notebook and some coloured sharpies – thanks kids! (Mads)) – with an impulse buy at Hobbycraft – some blank artists trading cards – I don’t know much about them – other than they get swapped or sold on eBay – anyone else use them/know of them? Anyway it’s the great unknown of blank paper again. I’d like to come up with stuff that I haven’t before.


7 thoughts on “Sketchbookin’

  1. Aaah the trading cards. I came across the idea just this past week and actually thought of you. Seems that it works on the idea of producing limited editions of art work so that people can collect affordably. Check this out as a starting point: Hope it helps!

    • Thanks. Yes – there is something special about fountain pens- as I said on a previous blog, worldwide sales are on the increase – which is a beautiful thing in this techno age.

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